The right way to be lazy with Angular Directives

This is part2 of my lazy programming series where I will teach programmers to effectively be lazy using my personal experiences and findings. Here is Part 1 if you missed it.

I’ve been dodging work for days now and blaming it…

Why lazy programmers are better than hard-working ones.

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Imagine this. You work on a project day and night and after months of hard work, you still have to work just as hard to implement a new feature when one pops up. If this scenario seems familiar then you need to learn to be lazier.

I know it's not…

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Often at work people come to me and ask me questions like

“I have to make this component which does (something) and It may be used at other places but should I make it reusable now with the extra effort or see if it's being used and do it then.”…

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TLDR; The most important question to ask the candidate during their interview is what their dream is, or where they see themselves in five years. Their dream should be what ties them to the company and its goals, not the pay or the money.

Recently I’ve gotten the pleasure of…

A programmers desk with his macbook, his phone, his smart watch and his drafting notebook.
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TLDR; Microfrontends can help solve many problems around building large web apps with maintainable, good quality code. With micro fronetends, each team of devs works on building a dedicated suite of microweb apps. For example, the checkout team building a single button for the checkout cart, another small component with…

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